Possible Mazda Miata Test Mules Spotted in the Wild

I think I captured photos of Miata test mules on Saturday. We were driving south on I-15 thru Utah to Las Vegas. It is not uncommon for us to see camouflaged test cars when we go to Las Vegas, but we usually see them just east of Las Vegas. Today I came upon two of these guys in Beaver, UT. There is a dirty joke in there somewhere... My long suffering wife took the photos with her phone, as I was behind the wheel. Two identical cars with Michigan manufacturer plates on them. Obfuscating body work. They raided the Mazda parts bins for cover-up. The front clip cover-up has fairly pronounced fender flares. The rear looked flared as well, with a very prominent indentation for the fuel filler cap. You can obviously see the one driver's laptop set up in the car. Looks like current gen Miata tail lights. Obviously they were completely de-badged. They even removed the "M" from the squircle on the steering wheel hub. We leapfrogged these two test mules from Beaver, UT until they exited in St. George, UT. I noticed in one that it had a big, red panic stop button on the dash.

Headed to the Nevada desert for hot weather testing?


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